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HomeGuard Professional Edition 4.1.1 Keep track of the web activity and block inappropriate content for the computers you are monitoring in your network using this app.HomeGuard Pro is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to monitor and manage the use of computers in a network in stealth mode and without the possibility to be bypassed by proxies.Granted, in the vast majority of cases, your employees are very likely to goof off watching videos on YouTube or sharing images from Reddit or Imgur. Without denying that small breaks are advisable, sometimes these activities can lead to a loss of productivity or worse, a costly harassment lawsuit from staff members who feel offended by the content shared on the company’s PCs.

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HomeGuard Professional Edition 4.1.1 license key
The highlight of the application stems from the wide variety of elements it can record and this includes private chat messages between employees, emails sent and received, USB devices connected, bandwidth use, mouse clicks and the keystrokes typed in each program. Moreover, it takes random snapshots of the desktop that you can check out when you are short on time.
Monitoring Data collected by HomeGuard on monitored (client) computers can be viewed remotely using the HomeGuard server component which keeps a main database of monitoring records that is securely and automatically synchronized with client computers with support for compression and 256-bit strong encryption of all data transferred over the network. The server component runs as a Windows service and can also be used to remotely change monitoring and blocking settings.
HomeGuard Professional Edition 4 Patch + Serial Key Full Version runs, by default, in stealth mode completely hidden and undetectable, however, it can be set to show warnings to users when anything is blocked. Either way it is uninstallable, unclosable and cannot be bypassed using proxy servers.
HomeGuard Professional Edition 4 crack
HomeGuard Professional Edition 4.1 Cracked Latest Version records web activity and automatically blocks all adult and inappropriate content in websites in addition to customizable website block and allow lists and filtering based on file type (e.g.: exe downloads). It also records detailed reports on usage of programs including active usage time, run time, bandwidth used, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each program with the option to block or time limit certain programs or games. Plus screen capture, periodically or based on specific events, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB devices monitoring and blocking, Internet time restrictions, network connection monitoring and filtering, email notifications and more.

HomeGuard Professional 4 Key Features :

Application usage report, details
Web site monitoring and blocking report
Web activity chart
Application usage report
A keylogger, it will record without problems everything that the user clicks and in what programs it does, and then you can view the full report
Remote Machines
It is possible to take screenshots of the desktop after a certain period of time
Monitoring Settings
All actions will be recorded and sent to you by email
You can set the time of the Internet, after this period it will be turned off and access to the network will not be possible
Support for full blocking on the launch of games and programs from the list, you can simply restrict access
All chat rooms can also be blocked, this also applies to e-mail, monitoring will be performed while
You can monitor and, if necessary, block certain IP addresses and ports
Detailed statistics, you can see what program has worked for a long time in the system, how many times the mouse button was pressed, what text was typed in any application, how many bytes were sent and received, and so on
You can monitor the operation of the printer, you can block the transfer of files

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