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The Foundry Katana 3.1 –  is available for download at PcSofts. With its highly efficient, collaborative approach to look development and lighting, Katana gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects. The Foundry Katana 3 includes multiple UI and UX improvements, as well as significant progress towards the new Hydra-based Viewer and Viewer API.

The Foundry Katana 3 License Key Free Download

The Foundry Katana 3 License Key Free Download

The Foundry Katana now includes an API for creating 3D viewers with support for integrating (custom) 3D graphics technology with Katana’s user interface. This API is being used by Foundry to develop a new built-in 3D viewer, which is scheduled to ship in a future Katana release.

Customers can use the Viewer API to integrate their own viewer technology into Katana 3, should they wish to do so. Please consult the accompanying KATANA Viewer API: Getting Started Guide for a technical overview of the new Viewer API.

Viewers based on the new Viewer API benefit from a mechanism that protects against out-of-date location events while using a manipulator (typically seen as geometry switching back and forth between new and old transforms). The Viewer API suspends processing of Geolib location events during manipulation, and until any resulting node graph change is processed.

The Foundry Katana 3.1 Key Features :

UI and UX improvements – Katana 2.6 builds on work started in 2016, with further UI and UX enhancements making it easier to use, even for those picking up the toolset for the first time. We’ve made dozens of fine-tuning improvements to make it faster to get through repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to be creative.
Important steps toward our new Viewer and API – Significant progress has been made towards the new Hydra-based Viewer through a new custom Viewer API, which will allow pre-built, custom viewers to be connected to Katana. Both the new Viewer and the final Viewer API are expected to be fully operational in an upcoming release.
Enhanced tech docs – Katana 2.6 comes with improved technical documentation, allowing you to make custom tools and get technical with shaders and UI parameters more easily.
A fit for more pipelines – Katana® 2.5 brings the latest chapter of our look development and lighting tool to Windows. In addition, Katana 2.5 is easier to install, and offers an expanded range of supporting plug-ins, including RenderMan, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight.
Color and float ramp widgets – Easily select a range of colors or floating-point grayscale values to use as an input to a shader or light with an intuitive, visual UI that offers a more artist-friendly look development experience than in previous versions.
Gaffer Three light filter support – It’s now possible to add light filters—such as barn doors, blockers or gobos that stop or reduce the effect of a light for certain parts of the scene—directly to lights in Gaffer Three nodes, Katana’s default lighting tool, streamling workflow and reducing node complexity.
Reduce artist downtime – A studio’s most valuable resource is its people. Katana’s deferred loading and processing lets you get to work immediately, so you can spend more time being creative and less time twiddling your thumbs.
Share the workload – Katana’s flexible node-graph and rule-based workflows lets you naturally build up templates as you work, which you can then easily share with other team members or reuse on other shots.
Keep your assets accessible – Katana’s streamlined, artist-friendly approach removes the need to bake assets out into render-ready formats, keeping them easily accessible for last-minute changes.
Work in parallel to finish faster – With Katana’s Look Files, material instructions and texture map assignments are packaged as separate assets, so you can separately update look-development and animation data.
Choose your renderer – Use your renderer of choice, with a unified workflow for Renderman, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight, or add your own renderer. You can even work with multiple renderers while keeping a consistent artist workflow.

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